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Last singles

Last a cappella music singles cover

Every single not already “bottled” in an album, from “Deduci” to “Triste ma perché”…


Giallo Sogno

Giallo Sogno a cappella music album cover

(Yellow Dream)

Realized in Bollate Centro. It’s dedicated to Stefano Dal Bosco, who would have liked it without listening because he is my friend.


Bollate Centro

Bollate Centro a cappella music album cover

Downtown Bollate

A four years work, while other things were happening. Ten songs to understand why I couldn’t stay in Bollate Centro anymore…


Lavori di bocca

Lavori di bocca a cappella album cover


First album, released in 1999 (past millennium), crude and immature in its lyrics and music, made with an Aiwa two decks tape recorder.