About bacco baccanels

Bacco Baccanels in the tub (photo by DDT)

Basic biography

Born in Bollate, Milan outskirts, on a snowy day: March 1, 1964.

In those days, man had not yet landed on the Moon, some interesting movies about the war in Vietnam were not yet filmed, and Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many other J-initials great musicians were still alive.

Normal childhood. In adolescence, he begins the path that leads him, into maturity, to cocoon and make vocal music, an invention that for impact on humanity is right after reinventing the wheel.

Vocal music is today its only passion, along with eating and drinking his own body weight, the latter an essential part of his Italian “life style”.

Early musical experiences

Vocal music

Bacco is not very good-tempered and in those gloomy thoughts years he takes it out on everything that has given him troubles: bands falling apart, music industry ignoring him, musical instruments and amplification systems never up to the task.

He decides to quit when he comes to himself and his voice, just to avoid being annihilated.

That is where his passion for vocal music was born, a minimal, pure and uncontaminated form of music in which he could run wild.

At a time when the Internet was not there, or if there were it hosted only fewer than ten web sites, the only starting point was Bobby McFerrin, of which he had a mix tape.

The first job: “Lavori di bocca” (Mouthworks)

It is with an Aiwa two cassette players compact recorder that Bacco makes the first album: “Lavori di bocca”, in English more or less translated in “Mouth Works”.

It is an extremely immature and inaudible product. Technical difficulties are enormous:

However the first step is made and years later the author is still fond of “La macchina del caffé” (The coffee machine) and “Le luci” (Lights).

Bollate Centro: non ci sto più dentro (Downtown Bollate)

Second album, realeased in 2005 after years of work, technique is a bit improved, thanks to the use of a PC and a microphone.

It’s the story that becomes more clear, because here Bacco puts us all the frustration of the clerk canned in traffic jams and jammed habits.

“Sono ridotto uno straccio”, “Bollate Centro”, “Coma”, “Capsula spaziale”, “Calendario” and Motel are frustration anthems. Only exceptions are the psychedelic “Vai più piano”, the “Confuso” love song and “Fearless Little John”, the latter can be put aside with the gone wrong “Inglish” experiments.

Giallo Sogno (Yellow Dream)

Between 2006 and 2011 he works at Yellow Dream, a reflective and bitter album.

The musical technique is more refined. He dedicates the last piece to Stefano Dal Bosco, with whom he has shared years of friendship and who decided to leave the planet before he should have. The title of the album is the name of Stefano’s first “custom” motor bike.

Last work

After Yellow Dream, Bacco has experienced a couple of songs in the “Inglish” series, where he still fights (and looses), with the English language. Then starts working on a new album, whose concept is arranging with a certain number of voices (4 or 6), matching the composition of the vocal group “Suonova”.


Around 2010, Bacco starts taking singing classes (about time!) and singing in a choir. There he meets beautiful people. With some of them he starts a vocal quartet, now a sextet, Suonova, born on March 18, 2012.

It is a project with the following proportions: 40% friendship, 40% passion for music, 20% drinking and eating.

Suonova target is taking vocal music to beautiful and ugly places and singing on pleasurable occasions.

Suonova are usually street performers, participated in Italian culture festivals in Germany and perform as guests in song competitions and theatrical performances.
More information, in the “Suonova” section.

Where does Bacco Baccanels name come from?

From the last name of Giuseppe Giovanni Baccanelli, through… Teo Teocoli and Minnie Minoprio, ending with an “s” to give it a more international  flavour.