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Nuvole (Clouds): video

Video from Dancing on the moon (1935) and Classic Television Commercials (Part III) (1948)

>>> Nuvole (Clouds): video

Deduci (Deduce) – video

Deduci (Deduce). Music and lyrics by Bacco Baccanels. The video is taken from a public domain video:…

>>> Deduci (Deduce) – video

Aria lieve (Mild tune) – Video

Video for the song “Aria lieve”. Clips from different public domain videos about Hiroshima one year after,

>>> Aria lieve (Mild tune) – Video

Aria lieve (Mild tune) – Music score

TTBB arrangement for the vocal quartet “Suonova”. It’s one of my song (Aria Lieve) and I’m curious…

>>> Aria lieve (Mild tune) – Music score

Burning down – video

For this song I used “Jungle Drums” (1943), a Superman cartoon.

>>> Burning down – video

Disperato (Hopeless) – song

A new single from Bacco. Now in English… or, to be honest, in “Italish”.  A funny song…

>>> Disperato (Hopeless) – song

Ciao Giallo Sogno (Goodbye Yellow Dream) – video

  From “Giallo Sogno” album (Yellow Dream), here is the title track video named “Ciao Giallo Sogno”…

>>> Ciao Giallo Sogno (Goodbye Yellow Dream) – video

Broda (Watery soup) – video

From the “Giallo Sogno” album, here is the second video. This time is about “Broda”, one among…

>>> Broda (Watery soup) – video