Schonberg: Theory of Harmony

Really well written. Ironic. Accurate. It’s really a good read.

>>> Schonberg: Theory of Harmony

Onda Lucky: interview

Thanks to the tasteful Max Temoche, here an interview to Bacco, around the 23th minute.Link to the…

>>> Onda Lucky: interview

Disperato (Hopeless) – video

New song and new video from Bacco.Video parts taken from the movie “Teenagers from outer space”, 1959…

>>> Disperato (Hopeless) – video

Disperato (Hopeless) – song

A new single from Bacco. Now in English… or, to be honest, in “Italish”.  A funny song…

>>> Disperato (Hopeless) – song

Ciao Giallo Sogno (Goodbye Yellow Dream) – video

  From “Giallo Sogno” album (Yellow Dream), here is the title track video named “Ciao Giallo Sogno”…

>>> Ciao Giallo Sogno (Goodbye Yellow Dream) – video

Broda (Watery soup) – video

From the “Giallo Sogno” album, here is the second video. This time is about “Broda”, one among…

>>> Broda (Watery soup) – video

Sempre no (Always no) – video

From the “Giallo Sogno” album here is the first (may be the only one…) video of the…

>>> Sempre no (Always no) – video