Suonova: Jingle Bells 2017

Again this year, our contribution to spoil an otherwise perfect Christmas. Here are the lyrics, in Italian, as you like them. Jingle Bells Suonova Style – Bacco Baccanels dec 17 Trump e kim jon un Son come ragazzi Si tirano razzi E per noi son… pazzi Bolt non corre più E se vuoi far l’artista […]

Suonova in Varallo

Suonova in Varallo: THANK YOU SO MUCH REEBO! Wonderful song contest, many young really talented up-and-coming singers. We had fun. The town too is very nice. We pay homage to Reebo who has helped us so much not to stop while Viggo was in Israel, who enabled us to start our street performer career and […]

Suonova at Lennon Plaza

An impromptu nighttime performance to record a video required from the Milan city authorities to allow us to perform in the city center… Since we hadn’t time to meet for this specific purpose, we went out nighttime, during our rehearsal, found a suitable place and sang.