Ioppaura – chitarra e voce

This is a guitar and two voices version.

For the lyrics, I used an approach different from my standard, which I call “reflection”. I’m sure like everything these days it already exists, but at the same time, like many things in this world, I was not aware of it.

So I write telling the reflection of a story, e.g. what happens when a story passes from mouth to mouth, or what you see of a story when you look at it in a flickering water.
Or even when you look at the mirror, where it’s all the same but in the opposite.

I prefer this way compared to a standard story telling because it frees me from a likely narrative, which I don’t master at all.
More, I’m embarrassed about what I’m writing, although I really enjoy doing it. This approach allows me to hide myself better.

For example, the first comment received on this track was “Bacco go protesta”.

The intent was surely good but I was ashamed, as if I wanted to play the serious songwriter without success (I know, I have a guilty conscience …).

The song was born as a reflection of this story of migrants, which at least here in Italy we can not ignore, but I challenge anyone to understand what the song is talking about without seeing the video. The song could be the distorted reflection of a love story as well.
Anyway that’s right: when a song is made, it’s a listener’s proprierty, not the writer’s.

And if you please, “Bacco go protesta”!