Ciccia ciao video cover

Ciccia ciao (Baby bye): the video

Video footages from Trees and Men”, Prelinger archives.

>>> Ciccia ciao (Baby bye): the video

Ciccia ciao (Baby bye) – song and music score

Dear friends and casual listeners, I don’t know how much you will like this song ’cause it’s…

>>> Ciccia ciao (Baby bye) – song and music score

Deduci (Deduce) – music score

Here is the “Deduci” music sheet for soprano, contralto, two tenors, a bass and a light beatbox…

>>> Deduci (Deduce) – music score

Nuvole (Clouds) July song. I keep on writing for a possible future album for six voices I hope…

>>> Nuvole (Clouds)

Domani (Tomorrow)

Here is another one I’ve done using six voices. I used one for keeping the rhythm and…

>>> Domani (Tomorrow)

Domani (Tomorrow): video

Video from a performance of The Kansas City Civic Ballet, public domain.

>>> Domani (Tomorrow): video

Nuvole (Clouds): video

Video from Dancing on the moon (1935) and Classic Television Commercials (Part III) (1948)

>>> Nuvole (Clouds): video

Suonova – I’m all alone

Here’s the first housemade recording done with the Suonova. It’s “I’m all alone” and we go back…

>>> Suonova – I’m all alone