“Rimette”: Bacco poems now on Amazon

Dear friends,

Eventually, the book of poems I have spoken to many of you is finished and published.
If you can afford it, buy it: it will make me very happy!


  • 90% of the poems will make you laugh, 10% of them they’ll make you cry;
  • I’m going to sign it for you on the earliest opportunity;
  • Deal: if I sell 2,000 copies within two years and you own one signed copy, I will return you 1,5 times the purchase value. What investment makes so much?
  • if you don’t like it: money back (after having published your nudity on every social network of the planet)

The earnings will be spent in aperitifs: with the statement I hope to motivate the most reluctant ones.

It is a crude, funny and angry book: 100% bacco

No reviews from Corriere and Repubblica? I am not afraid: it is 55 years that I’m brewing up for myself

Thanks in advance, dear readers!

Un abbraccio!