Suonova Vocal Project a cappella band

Suonova Vocal Project is an a cappella band made of four/six singers with a real passion for vocal music and the desire to share it out of the traditional spaces.

A show that works everywhere, even without stage and microphones, because art reaches people more directly, thanks to a constant search for adapting the performance to the site and the audience.

This is the Suonova vocal project, amateur artists with choir, composition, and modern music background, who started performing in 2012.

Together they build an a cappella repertoire ranging from classical music to pop and gospel, from sacred musica to profane,

winking at more “vocal” styles, such as the American “barbershop”.

Street performers and “stageworms”


Suonova vocal project a cappella group at Heildelberg


Street performers by vocation, they love to combine vocal music tradition to the places of the historical Italian tradition.

You can easy find Suonova in the streets of Milan as in Italian culture events abroad, such as the Heidelberg Kultur Festival, where they performed a full Italian version of their “Macedonia Musicale” (Musical Fruit Salad) show, in the wonderful setting of the Romanischen Keller theatre.

In addition to the street art, is on stage where Suonova can offer a more intense performance accompanied by explanatory interludes about the songs performed and techniques used.


Suonova vocal project a cappella group at Heildelberg at Romanische Keller


Suonova a cappella group info


Suonova are available for concerts and normally do not require reward for performances. Please contact for any info.