Via con me (It’s wonderful) SATB

Here is the arrangement of the beautiful "Via con me" by Paolo Conte.
I'm certainly not the first to arrange it for voice: there is a very beautiful version by "Neri per Caso", also sung to perfection.

For this song I immediately realized that the original version of Conte would have performed well in vocal, because the very accentuated rhythm of the piece did not lose much if sung with only voices.

I therefore decided to remain very faithful to the original piece, even in the "special" where I seem to hear some flutes; I have not included the vibraphone, which in the original, I hope but I don't know, was played by Paolo Conte himself.

So, beyond the meticulous adjusting, I didn't do much from a creative point of view except to bring back what had already been there in the original song.

Small variations: I moved the piece to A minor from the original G minor, this to give a little help to the bass and soprano who can suffer in the original key. Doing so, a very high A was created for the soprano, however it can also be sung lower without altering the effect.

For the bass I added a very light rhythm line.

The score is published on Sheet Music Plus at this address.

If you want to hear it sung by Suonova:
Via con me (It’s wonderful) by Paolo Conte – Arrangement by Bacco Baccanels
Estratto di arrangiamento di "Via con me" di Paolo Conte